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CSC 40-60 / CSD 75-100 / DRC 40-60 / DRD 75-100, DRE 100-150

Compresores de Tornillo

> Your workshop is important to us. Our Ceccato CSC, CSD, DRC, DRD, DRE range consists of highly qualified oil-injected screw compressors (30-90kW). > Belt or gear driven, fixed speed or variable speed, they provide your workplace with high-class compressed air equipment.


CSC 40 - 60, CSD 75 - 100, DRC 40 - 60, DRD 75 - 100, DRE 100 - 120 compressors are compact, easy to install, solid, they have great performance and last but not least, they need very low maintenance.

Accessibility of all components makes service and cleaning very easy.

Without any doubt the best choice for strong, carefree and economical compressed air throughout your workplace.


outstanding, first-class components
compact design
all service components located at the front for excellent accessibility
improved ES4000 controller, standard and advanced version
door can be used as a door or as a panel, great advantage in case of small floor spaces
separate oil and air coolers, less thermal shocks, a longer lifetime and easier cleaning, one person job
low energy and maintenance cost
standard filtration panel for efficient filtration and low pressure drop